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 Agency History


HENRY A. LEUSCH 1884 - 1944      

CLARENCE A. LEUSCH 1912 - 1977


LEUSCH Grocery Store

In the early 1900's Henry A. Leusch along with his wife, Mayme, were the proprietors of a grocery store serving the needs of the local German community in Cleveland, Ohio. This grocery store was everything to the Leusch family for it was also their home, having been built years earlier by Henry's father, Peter Leusch.   

Leusch Groceries took pride in the goods and services that they offered like" Leusch's Best", a special blend of coffee that friends from around the growing city of Cleveland came to purchase. A common sight was Henry stocking a customers wagon or Model T with groceries while Mayme helped the customer's children select a pickle from the large wooden barrel located inside the store. Henry and Mayme had lots of help from their sons, Edward, Clarence, and Francis. At Leusch's Grocery Store customers became friends and friends became customers.    

Due to a new retail concept at the time called the supermarket the Leusch's Grocery store was short lived. Henry and Mayme could not bear to part with seeing their customers and friends on a daily basis and so they opened H. A. Leusch & Sons Insurance. The year was 1928.  The pickle barrel was gone, but the scene at Leusch's had not dramatically changed. Henry would be solving a client's insurance needs while Mayme provided their children with candy. Shortly after World War II, Henry became sick and passed away.   

Henry's son, Clarence A. Leusch moved back to the family home with his new wife Ann in an attempt to keep the family business alive. Unknown to anyone at the time, Clarence had a natural flair for the business and with the help of Ann, the agency experienced tremendous growth and prosperity. The agency expanded into Business and Life insurance becoming the "Full Service" agency that it is today. During the 1970's the agency would incorporate as the Leusch Insurance Agency, Inc., however, in all this time the scene remained predominately unchanged. Clarence solved client's needs while their children received candy or played with the new Leusch children, Roberta and Robert. In 1977 Clarence passed away leaving an opportunity for a third generation of the Leusch family to carry on the family tradition.   

At the time of Clarence's death, Robert J. Leusch had just graduated from St. Ignatius High School, but college was in his future, and so outside partners were brought in to run the agency. Under the control of these outside partners, the agency moved from the old neighborhood, the Leusch name was dropped, and for the first time in the agency's history the scene had changed. Gone were the clients who came to the office and gone were their children. Gone was the Leusch presence.   

Robert Leusch graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1981 and in 1989 he regained control of the agency and with the assistance of his wife, Anne, he reestablished back on the west side of Cleveland as the Leusch Insurance Services Agency, Inc. This is the agency's current home and once again customers are made welcome. Now, as in 1928, the agency operates under a simple motto, "Making Agency Customers our Friends".  

.........................and yes there is a pretzel jar for the children and coloring books too!   

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