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Health Insurance:  Peace-of-Mind!

Everyday people are at risk if they don't have health insurance.

Nothing stays the same, graduating from college, a change in jobs, leaving the military, or a job that no longer provides health insurance benefits.
We represent companies that specialize in quality, affordable health insurance for individuals, their families, and those providing benefits to their employees.
A good health insurance policy gives you access to quality medical care without significant financial worry.
The result: the peace-of-mind you want and deserve.

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What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

If there's one thing that you can count on, it's that nothing stays the same. Every day people change jobs, finish college and leave the military. And every day they're at risk if they don't have health insurance. Short-Term Health Insurance plans are affordable solutions for anyone in need of a high quality, temporary health care plan.

For More Information, a Quote, and to Apply Online click this link:

Link to Celtic Short-Term Health Plans

What is Comprehensive Major Medical Insurance?

Health plans designed for individuals and their families.Unique in flexibility, you customize your coverages to meet your specific health needs and budgets.

Typically you can select three major medical plans:

Select Preferred Provider Network (PPO) plans that provide high quality care for the lowest premium by accessing respected network physicians and hospitals. Doctor and hospital PPO's provide savings on every visit to any network provider.

"Any Doc" Preferred Provider Network (PPO) plans allow you the flexibility to choose your own physician while saving money with the preferred rates of the PPO hospital network.

Managed Indemnity plans provide major medical coverage with the flexibility to select the doctors and hospitals of your choice.

For More Information, a Quote, and to Apply Online click this link:

Link to CeltiCare Health Plans

Can I insure for a catastrophic loss only?

Today's economy calls for smart planning when it comes to choosing health insurance coverages that are right for you and your family. Many are interested in economical solutions for protection against costly health procedures that are often unforeseen and unbudgeted. Plans designed around a solid core of comprehensive insurance benefits that cover these needs while providing the savings that come from higher deductibles, higher out-of-pocket maximums, and no office co-payment benefits.

For More Information, a Quote, and to Apply Online click this link:

Link to ValueOne Health Plans

What is a Health Savings Account plan?

A Health Savings Account plan is a qualifies high deductible health plan designed to provide you with major medical coverage combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA) to make your health plan even more affordable.

You have greater flexibility and control over your health care dollars and receive unique tax advantages that can add-up to significant savings over the years. Plus you can draw money from your HSA fund to pay for a borad array of qualified medical expenses like contact lenses, dental treatment, long term care insurance and much more.

For More Information, a Quote, and to Apply Online click this link:

Link to CelticSaver HSA Health Plans

Below are some of the BEST insurance companies on the planet
and we are proud to represent them ! 
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