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Automobile Insurance

Think one auto insurance policy pretty much looks like another?
If you haven't checked lately, you may be surprised to find that companies differ widely in the products they offer and the service they provide.  With LEUSCH Insurance Services, you'll find great coverages, budget-friendly rates, exceptional service, and outstanding insurance companies that taken together put us a cut above the competition.
For damage to your auto resulting from an accident.
Other than Collision
For damage to your auto caused by a wide range of perils other than impact with another vehicle or object (example: theft or vandalism).
Covers your liability to others for bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally liable.
Medical Payments
Pays medical bills for you and others, including doctor, hospital and surgical expenses, without regard to negligence.
Pays for towing and labor charges whenever your car is disabled.
Rental Reimbursement / Transportation Expense
Pays for car rental while your car is being repaired as a result of a covered loss.
Difference in Value Coverage
Pays for the "gap" (up to a certain limit) between the actual cash value of your car and your loan or lease obligation should your car be totaled early in the loan or lease period.
Coverage for Sound Reproducing Equipment
(including car phones) and coverage for Customizing Equipment (decorative and other enhancements to vans or pickup trucks) are also available.
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You can save money on your auto insurance if any of the following applies to you:
Auto / Home Discount
If both your auto and home insurance are placed with the same company.
Prime of Life
If you're 45-or-older you could qualify for an exclusive program that offers enhanced auto / homeowners coverages, in addition to substantial premium discounts.
Multi-Car Discount
If more than one auto is insured with the company.
Anti-Theft Devices and Passive Restraint Systems
Discounts available.
Larger Deductibles
Substantial credits are available on your Collision and Comprehensive coverages.

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Below are some of the BEST insurance companies on the planet
for insuring your AUTOMOBILE
and we are proud to represent them ! 
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